About Us

Microtown OwnersMicrotown is the husband and wife team of Graeme and Cate Townsend, who have a love of homegrown fresh food.

Our Mission : Saving the heath and wellness of humankind.

Microtown was born in early 2019 when we decided to act on our desire to do something organic and purposeful. After many years on the corporate treadmill we wanted a greater meaning and a way to truly help society. We quickly identified microgreens as a viable product to produce. There was space in the market and the product itself dovetailed nicely with our mission.

What is a microgreen? They are ready to eat baby vegetables and herbs, no prep required as you just cut and eat! With up to 40 times the nutrition and flavour of the full grow plant, microgreens are ideal for your body.

Microgreen exampleExperimenting with various watering and lighting techniques as well as different seed types has seen the yield and flavour of our microgreens flourish. Our produce is extremely popular with high demand for our quality baby vegetables and herbs.

At the start of 2020 we decided to make it a full time gig, setting up a modern grow facility on our property. Growing capabilities were a natural extension of Cate’s farm upbringing. The need for specialist equipment and techniques was met with Graeme’s electrical and automation background.

Our microgreens are grown in soil to maximise nutrition and flavour, we use an custom automated watering technique that delivers only the water required. No draining or re-use of used water and even better means no wasting of precious water.

We have a great connection with local chefs and communities, we look forward to growing our business!

Graeme & Cate Townsend


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